The Story of Melsetter


The author wishes to express her gratitude and to make acknowledgement to the following for their assistance:

To Mrs. George Bembridge and Methuen and Co., for permission to use the extract from Rudyard Kipling�s poem �Sussex.�

To N.A.D.A. for permission to use extracts from The Legendary History of Ngorima and Hodi Chiefs by N. J. Young.

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To Anglo American Corporation of South Africa Ltd. for permission to use the illustration of transport wagons.

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To the following whose contributions have been incorporated in the text:

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To the following who have kindly provided photographs:

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For other assistance I am indebted to:

Miss C. Armstrong, D. M. Batty, Mrs. G. and the late F. H. P. Dufton, Mrs. M. Lawton, Mrs. F. N. Murray, P. Stead, Mrs. H. J. Quinton, Umtali Museum, Mr. and Mrs. D. Wall and to many other people to whom I have talked about the past.